Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Netherlands-Amsterdam

After a long week in London, we hopped a flight to Amsterdam. We used Easy-jet, which was very cheap, but it has a lot of hidden fees--so watch out! The flight took much less time than we spent waiting at the airport and waiting in line to board the plane. Once we landed, we took a train and a taxi to our hostel. Amsterdam is relatively small compared to the other cities we visited, so traveling was easy. We only took a couple cabs and managed to walk through most of the city in about 40 minutes.

Hotel Abba was a great hostel/hotel to stay at. The biggest hurdle in getting to this place was the treacherous stairs leading to the entrance and then up to our rooms. For a girl, it's pretty difficult to drag heavy luggage up the steps. I liked the safety that Abba provided as every separate hallway had a door that locked and rooms had private locks on them ( which is something Paris didn't have..).