Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A bit of back-tracking...

I just started this blog a few days ago so I'm back tracking and jumping around a lot when it comes to sharing this information. Even before I went to Belize, I took a short trip out west to Portland, Oregon. This turned out to be an interesting experience because for the first time ever, I was traveling alone.

Actually, before 2009, I hadn't flown since I went to the Cayman Islands in 2000. It turns out that flying isn't as romantic or hip as it seems. I was on a plane squished next to people I didn't know and for the first time I became aware of my claustrophobia.

I was so frightened that when I arrived in Houston, I called my mom and my boyfriend and wanted someone to drive me home. Ridiculous, I know, but I realllly didn't want to get on another plane.
Who cares if I make it to Portland?
I'm not getting on another plane!

And so, finally, I did get on that plane and I made it to Oregon. I only stayed four days, but I saw some pretty neat places. I also attended an Andrew Bird show, which was one of those things on my so called "bucket-list." The item on my list was something along the lines of see a band you love in a really unique location...So I mean, the trip was worth it in that sense. As far as the rest of the trip, I was more excited to get home than anything.

I ended up visiting the Pearl District and some cool shops/restaurants. I really enjoy shopping at places like Plato's Closet and I found a unique store called Buffalo Exchange which sells used clothing.

I also had a chance to check out Powell's books, which is the biggest bookstore I've ever seen. I found some interesting books about the middle east, like the Lemon Tree and really enjoyed reading them on the plane ride home.

My friend lived a few blocks from the rose garden. We walked up a huge hill to the gardens, which were beautiful even without the roses. ( It was February )

The friend I set out to visit ended up trying to make a move on me. By my last night, it was so annoying that I couldn't take his propositions any longer and I went straight to the airport. I ended up staying in the Portland airport for about 12 hours and slept on a chair.

Have any of you been stranded at an airport or someplace you really didn't want to be?

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