Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Cool Places in the UK

Okay, London is a great city. It's huge and confusing and getting around takes patience and time, especially if you don't know what you're doing. We made a list of places we wanted to see and tried to get to as much as we could. We didn't make it to Abbey Road, but we did get to Bath, which I'll talk about later.

Anyway, the underground is a lot of fun and super easy once you learn a little bit about your location. I would avoid taking the double-decker buses, as fun as they sound, they aren't very safe for women. Also, keep an eye on your belongings all the time. A friend had her bag cut open on a bus and didn't even know until it was too late....

Alright. Places to see in London: Big Ben and the London Eye. I already talked about those. Also, West Minister Abbey is next door to Parliament so definitely check that out too.

The free museums in London are great but prepare to spend an entire day at them. You could really spend a few days at every museum, but if you're limited on time, stick to exhibits you want to see. We went to the British Museum and the National Gallery. The National gallery is great, but we didn't get to see all of the Van Gogh paintings because they close early...(around 6p.m.)

Check out this website for information on the National Gallery:

Other cool places to check out are the Tower of London, Harrods Department Store, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. Tower Bridge is pretty famous and it's a block or so from the Tower of London. Actually, You can see St. Paul's Cathedral, take a nice walk along the river, go up in Tower Bridge and tour the Tower of London all in one day. Just make sure you have about 3 hours free for the Tower tour because it takes a long time.

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